S.S. Lootah Contracting Company was founded in 1956 in Dubai, as a general contracting company when Haj Saeed Lootah realized the need to build permanent houses and ventured into construction. Since then, the company has grown into a multi- disciplined construction group with comprehensive in-house facilities that support its contracting business including: Ready-Mix Concrete, Transport & Equipment, Foundations, De watering Steel fabrication, Carpentry and Fibreglass.



With a remarkable portfolio of construction projects undertaken in the United Arab Emirates and abroad, S.S. Lootah Contracting has grown into a full fledged construction group that has served the building of the nation’s infrastructure – from public schools to mosques, parks, palaces, hotels, public facilities, electricity and communications infrastructure and a broad array of residential and commercial complexes.

Today, S.S. Lootah is one of the largest and most respected firms in the United Arab Emirates construction industry that enjoys a reputation of delivering projects on time and exceeding expectations. The development of the construction industry will continue to support and sustain our growth and profits and will enable us to pursue our community commitments with rigor to progress national policies that aim to support sustainable economic growth and the welfare of the United Arab Emirates people.


Quality on time, all the time

S.S. Lootah Ready Mix Concrete operates fully computerized batching plants located at key areas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, near most of the major developments. Operating one of the largest fleets of mobile mixers and modern pumps that serve low and high rise projects, S.S. Lootah Ready Mix ensures the best control over quality and delivery to building sites.

S.S. Lootah Ready Mix operates under ISO 9002 and Environmental



Management System ISO 14001 standards. Moreover, policies adopted voluntarily like fleet management policy contribute greatly to operational excellence by optimization of resources, use of technology and reducing environmental impact as well as reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution resulting from vehicle emissions.

For over 20 years in operation, S.S. Lootah Ready Mix Concrete prides itself in supporting some of the largest, prestigious and sophisticated construction projects. Ready mix concrete meets specifications and exceeds expectations on quality, delivery and responsiveness. Today, S.S. Lootah Ready Mix Concrete is one of the largest producers of a variety of ready mix concrete products that serves the needs of national growth and development projects.

  • ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 standards
  • Over 20 years in operation
  • Fully computerized batching plants at key areas in Dubai
  • Large fleet of mobile mixers and modern pumps
  • Serves low and high rise projects.

At the forefront of modern industrial design

S.S.Lootah Foundations is one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates for construction of Pile Foundations. Since its inception in 1986, S.S.Lootah Foundations provides specialist engineering advice at the planning stage of projects to ensure the use of the most appropriate and economic foundation solution. This approach has earned the company its reputation as a reliable partner with more than 600 prestigious projects executed across the country.



S.S. Lootah Foundations has a highly qualified on-site workforce of engineers and administrative staff who ensure the delivery and quality of work rigorously.  Moreover, our fleet of modern equipment and state-of-the-art workshop provide our site staff with the tools and resources needed to optimize operational time and delivery of projects.

S.S. Lootah Foundations’ project portfolio includes a variety of assignments such as prestigious high-rise building complexes, more than 1,300 kms of electrical towers all over the UAE; almost 90% of Dubai and Sharjah electrical networks as well as more than 100 onshore and off-shore telecommunications towers, to name but a few.

S.S. Lootah Foundations is committed to maintaining its excellent standards to be at the forefront of modern industrial design and innovation to cater to the growing construction needs in the United Arab Emirates and the region.

  • Bored cast in-situ piles for buildings, industries, bridges and harbors.
  • T.V., telecom, and electrical tower foundations.
  • Foundations for retaining walls for basement excavation.
  • Other foundation related works

If it’s worth building, it’s worth testing

Material Lab Dubai is an accredited independent material testing laboratory, established to cater to national and regional research and testing required to approve materials used largely in construction. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, the laboratory confirms its credibility through regular participation in the inter-laboratory proficiency testing programs and introduction of latest technologies in the testing field in the region.



The core business of the laboratory includes the testing of a wide range of engineering materials and geo-technical investigation. The lab is involved in the investigation and testing of pile integrity, fresh and hardened concrete, soils, cement, asphalt, aggregates and water, physical and chemical analysis of steel as well as glass and environmental testing.

With access to the latest and emerging technologies through international collaboration with leading research institutions worldwide, Material Lab Dubai serves current and future needs of key economic sectors. The lab is committed to providing professional testing, certification and research services in support of the growing investment in infrastructure, construction and industrial development in the region.

Involved in the investigation and testing of:

  • Pile integrity
  • Fresh and hardened concrete
  • Soils, cement, asphalt, aggregates and water
  • Physical and chemical analysis of steel
  • Environmental testing

Building Partnership and Vision

Established in 1955, Vanbots is considered one of the pioneers of the Canadian construction industry , regarded for its intelligent and creative approaches to delivering projects for its clients. Based in Canada, Vanbots’ principal fields of activity include Construction management, General Contracting, Design-Build and Project management. The portfolio of Vanbots includes highly specialised construction in commercial, residential, recreational, healthcare and hospitality among others



The Joint venture between Vanbots and S.S Lootah Group aims to leverage on Vanbots’ expertise in specialised construction and address the needs of the industry in the United Arab Emirates and the region. Vanbots has a rich portfolio of several prestigious projects in categories like malls, hotels, universities, industrial plants and automotive showrooms that require a high level of specialised construction expertise.

Vanbots embraces "Green" building practices from design concepts through to construction and building operations, in line with S.S Lootah’s core business philosophy of ‘Sustainable development’. Both the companies also adhere to very high safety standards as per the HSE policies of the industry. Vanbots’ has implemented a “Behavior based” safety program to provide a safe work environment.

  • Automotive
  • Commercial Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health Care
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Office Buildings
  • Recreational
  • Residential
  • Restoration and Public
  • Tenant Fit-Out

International MEP Contractor

The State Group International (LLC) is a multi-discipline MEP contractor established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  State Group International (LLC) offers a multitude of diverse yet interrelated services and technologies to all sectors of the economy including commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental sectors.
The State Group International has its roots in the State Group Inc., one of North America’s leading MEP contractors headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



The State Group Inc. dates back to 1961 and has been providing comprehensive MEP services including the construction of Power Generation and industrial projects on a single source basis for over 40 years. State has built long relationships with Fortune 100 manufacturers, Developers, Property Managers and General Contractors who have turned to State to deliver timely solutions to complex technical projects and initiatives.

State Group International (LLC) caters to the diverse and evolving construction needs in the UAE and the region. Working closely with S.S. Lootah Group of companies, the State Group International (LLC) is able to deliver the same customer driven quality, performance and world class support that the State Group Inc. prides itself upon in North America.

  • Multi-discipline MEP Contractor
  • World-class support to region’s construction needs
  • Power plants and industrial projects
  • Caters to evolving construction needs in the region

Quality Solutions by Design

Established in 1990, Powerline Plus Limited is an industry leader specializing in the delivery of reliable infrastructure services for electrical, civil (including sewer, water, sanitary, roads and sidewalks), natural gas and telecommunications solutions to public utilities, municipalities, developers, industrial and manufacturing companies. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company serves a broad base of customers by providing “one-stop”

turnkey solutions and delivering quality solutions on time and on budget for all types of projects.



Powerline collaboration with S.S Lootah Group in the United Arab Emirates aims to combine the Group’s local and regional expertise over the past 50 years, with the infrastructure expertise of Powerline Plus Limited and cater to specialized projects in waste management, energy efficiency products and distributed generation. Both S.S. Lootah Group and Powerline share a progressive vision that supports ‘sustainable development’ as well as a commitment to the strictest HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) policies.

Some prestigious projects of Powerline include a large rehab project comprising of over 4000 meters of concrete encased ducts crossing a major highway, street lighting projects for Toronto Hydroelectric systems, infrastructure solutions for 2500 homes in Scarborough, 2 km duct bank for the University of Toronto to name a few.

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Electrical and Civil
  • Natural Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • New Business Ventures